Jane Doe @janedoe_getdoe – Panties Go After Dark – Biohertz Photography – IBMM

I guarantee you won’t have to problem identifying who Jane Doe is after enjoying her go After Dark with Biohertz Photography.


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    • the_thick_twtr at 4:54 am

      The pics look fine there’s nothing wrong with polished photos I’m all for the HQ look. I like raw images just as much though but that’s why these models have IG and twitter.

      • AC195 at 7:11 pm

        there aint nothing ‘polished’ about that shit
        the pics are low quality and the airbrushing is insane
        its crap like this thats part of the reason why urban modeling isnt taken seriously
        if niggas actually valued quality in their craft things would be much better for the market

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