L.Shima @lshima_model – Efani Allah

L.Shima @lshima_model – Helix Reel
September 25, 2013
L.Shima @lshima_model – Wylie Maercklein
September 27, 2013

L.Shima @lshima_model – Efani Allah

All week here on DSAfterDark we’ll be featuring exclusive pics of the gorgeous L. Shima, and believe me this is just the tip of the iceberg.

And you see always see the latest from L. Shima at http://lshima.tumblr.com/ and here on DSAfterDark.com.


Also make sure you pick up something from her store at http://lshima.bigcartel.com/



  1. 2nasty says:

    Very nice Shima.

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