Sharon Armstrong @everest6: Get Familiar – Alcole Photography

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August 19, 2015
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August 20, 2015

Sharon Armstrong @everest6: Get Familiar – Alcole Photography

I may not have been up on Sharon Armstrong but I think its time to get familiar. Time to do a little IG stalking @everest6.


  1. Ms. Armstrong you definitely want to think about modeling more for yourself and who else as to the portfolio constituency. I believe you have a strong appeal or a great appeal to yourself,and you should exempt that a bit more like it was said before(video). I would like to do a photo session with you for another website besides this website,this is ‘Yotta Ayez™ aka:Cemaza Azamecs™’ of evasive angles entertainment/evasive angles photography™/cygni photography™ and more,and you can contact me when you are available to do so or when you can. I also believe you should lead your photography in fashion photography,but more of lingerie photography,and a bit of exercise photography/fitness photography for yourself,excuse your relationship if your involved. Excuse me,just for typing that,not trying to be so into your relationship matter,but I had to type that,though to warn you. Thank you!

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