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I can’t think of many things better and a fresh scoop of Ice Cream…well maybe watching L. Shima enjoying a »

I would have been more than happy to swap out with the Teddy Bear for this shoot with L. Shima. »

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen Stephy and round of applause goes to Marius Alexus for giving us »

Enjoy a brand new DSAfterDark exclusive set of our own L. Shima, courtesy of Marius Alexus and Le Creme Nation. »

I need to live in a society where its anyone that looks like Stephy has the right not to wear »

I can remember when the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” stickers first started to be placed on tapes and CDs. L. »

With my birthday coming up next month, shout out to Bea Taylor and Marius Alexus for the early birthday present. »

You can only hope that the woman on the other of the phone is as sexy as Vickie. It’s probably »

I just paid for my coverage for Triple AAA and now I feel like I’ve been gypped. My car batteries »