In Bed With… Chabz @chabz – Part 1 – Frank D Photo

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January 21, 2014
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January 21, 2014

In Bed With… Chabz @chabz – Part 1 – Frank D Photo

Sit back and enjoy the second new series from Frank D Photo and DynastySeries to debut this month, “In Bed With…”. When we’re brainstorming ideas for new series, its success is often determined by the first person that shoots. If they deliver, then we’re gold. Even though Chabz is relatively new to the family, none of us had any doubts she would perform under pressure, and perform she did!



  1. lmine says:

    chabz me plait beaucoup !

    j’aime son corps parfait !

  2. Lamine Camara says:

    J’aime Chabela !