Brianna Jordan @brianna_jordan Week on

Name: Brianna Jordan
City: Las Vegas
Measurements: 34F/27/40
Twitter: @brianna_jordan
Ethnicitiy: Puerto Rican & Italian

With all the shoots you’ve done, which ones have been your most memorable?

Most recently in the South of France…such an incredible opportunity.

What part of your body are you most complimented on?

There’s not just one part, its my body in its entirety, I work really hard to keep my shape. 2-3 hours of intense training a day plus extreme calorie counting.

What part do I need to compliment you on to have a chance?

That’s not how I work…a compliment would not be enough to have a chance with me.

What’s the easiest thing a guy (hell even a girl..wink wink!) can do to get your attention? and keep it?

Again, with me, nothing comes easy. I am super selective with who I spend my time with and prefer it that way. I work way too hard to have it any other way.

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