Phoenix Skye: Sweet Temptation – Playboy

It’s all within reach for Phoenix Skye, a model from Los Angeles, California. She’s all natural, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a hundred-watt smile. “I grew up in southern California,” says Phoenix. “Contrary to popular belief, California makes you so much more down to earth – if you’re from here, you don’t get a big head about the Hollywood lifestyle.” Big head or not, Phoenix has eyes for the silver screen, and going to a late-night movie is one of her all-time favorite pastimes. “I also love the theater,” she says. “There’s nothing like a live show – it’s so exciting!” Speaking of a good show, we were lucky to meet Miss Skye through our photographer, Damir K, and when we offered her a shoot, she leapt at the opportunity. “I was so excited,” she says, giggling. “I mean, how many girls would give their left leg to pose for Playboy? I’ve shot with Damir before, so I knew the photos would be phenomenal. I said yes right away.”


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