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Tierra Ferrari @MsTierraFerrari: Eye C You – MJ Flix
July 13, 2012
Angel @AngelReignsNYC: Untied – Frank D Photo
July 14, 2012

Stephy C @NakedStephyC on

When asked to describe herself, this Midwestern model listed pretty much all the prerequisites for being a Cyber Girl. “I’m cute, sweet, funny, nice, intelligent, open-minded,… caring, and I love being naked!” When Mariela Henderson (also known as Stephy C) has to get dressed, she prefers clothes that show off her body and hot high-heel shoes. Her sex tip for men: foreplay should not be optional. “Remember, you have to preheat the oven before you stick the loaf of bread in!”

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  1. Photographer with over 30 years of experience in Fashion-Beauty-Glamour. I am recognized for combining beauty, creativity, and unique style in all images.

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